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ZoneMinder Wiki - Wiki - Hardware Compatibility List

Hardware Compatibility List

The ZoneMinder Wiki is community based. That means the list below is only as good as those who chose to maintain it. Did you find something outdated? Did you get a camera working, which is not shown in the list below? Please consider adding or improving this list.


IP Network Cameras

Most modern IP cameras are ONVIF compliant, which means most modern IP Camera should work with ZoneMinder. There are some caveats to this general rule. Cameras which (only) send an encrypted stream will not work with any third party recording software. Some "cloud" cameras fit into this category. You should verify one can adjust camera parameters such as framework rate, resolution, contrast, etc within the camera’s web portal. This, in itself, is not a demonstrate stopper, but it will make your practice a lot lighter.

The following list of IP cameras is not exhaustive. If your camera is not listed, it does not mean it will not work with ZoneMinder. Rather it likely means no one has taken the time to add it to the list. Please consider adding your camera to this list once you get it working.

  • Remote systems, themselves running zoneminder, can be accessed as cameras using the Remote Path of /cgi-bin/nph-zms?mode=single&monitor=1&scale=100&maxfps=Five&buffer=1000 – where the monitor number is the correct camera on the remote system.

Single Jpeg Only

Compatible with modifications

Compatible with problems

  • Compro IP70. MPEG4 only, some reliability issues and general poor firmware quality.
  • GrandtecWLAN Camera WiFi or III – acceptable indoor quality, no infrared-filter (better nightvision) cheap!
  • Intellinet IPCamera with the fresh firmware.
  • Old Intellinet IPCamera (model MWNC-100) with this ( protocol adapter.
  • OvisLink AirLive WL-5400CAM

Useful link: Flash’s IP Camera Database, with Zoneminder compatibility guide:

IP Movie Encoder

Like Network Cameras, these devices produce a movie stream – but they accept an analog movie input from a camera or other movie source. An effortless way to find these are to search for movie encoders or movie servers, e.g. Eight channel movie encoder, or two channel movie server. Note that analog encoders are becoming obsolete, as HD analog encoders become the norm.

  • Synectics E100 encoder
  • The Aviosys IP9100, Models A, B and Plus has four analog movie inputs. It produces a ZM compatible movie stream from one of the inputs, which is selectable via an HTTP GET directive. There might even be a control script for ZM that lets you select the active movie input using ZM’s Camera Control Presets!

With the yoics Aviosys nine thousand one hundred firmware at, ZoneMinder can directly access all four ports via /usr/yoicsX.jpg as the remote host path, where X is zero – Trio.

Capture Cards

Leadtek WinFast VC one hundred – the cheapest bt878 model with no tuner on it, just Com/Svideo in.

bt8x8 Cards

A note on the bt8x8-based TV-tuner cards: these usually have beside the tuner input, also a Composite and an S-Video input. You can meet up two analog cameras to these, and access from ZoneMinder both of them as individual cameras, at max 15Fps. You don’t need two separate TV cards for two cameras!

Pico2000 – four port card, one chip bt878, around two fps when using all channels

Bt878_4chip_8inputs -4 chips bt878, eight inputs, around five fps when using two inputs per chip

bt878 eight chip eight input – This card is supplied with D-sub to eight BNC connector and uses the bt878 chip for each input permitting utter framework rates and quality. See Kodicom eight thousand eight hundred for more information.

Geovision GV250 bt878a single chip four inputs – This capture Card is supplied with four movie inputs but with NO audio channel

Most other BTTV (bt878, bt848) cards, see /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/CARDLIST on your system for a list of some of them.

Analog Cameras

Any regular composite or S-video camera connected via a supported capture card. Some analog cameras feature camera control – ZM supports several of these camera’s Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions via serial port control, as well as camera Presets, Concentrate, Iris, etc.

USB Cameras

  • Just Zoom USB cam
  • Creative Webcam Pro, Webcam Three, LIVE! Cam OPTIA PRO (V4L2, Chan 0, PAL, YUYV)
  • Most UVCvideo cameras, including: Advent AWC213, Creative Labs VF0420, Logitech QuickCam Express, Logitech HD C270, QuickCam Pro 3000, QuickCam Pro 4000, QuickCam Communicate STX/Deluxe, Logitech Webcam Pro 9000, and Webcam C250
  • Logitech Quickcam Orbit/Sphere (experimental basic pan/tilt control has also published for testing and hacking [Two])
  • Philips
  • Any OV511 based USB camera [Trio]
  • Any CPIA based USB camera [Four]
  • LabTec WebCam Pro
  • Confirmed basic functionality with Microsoft Lifecam VX five thousand using UVC Streaming method

Note that most USB cameras that can use Video4Linux/V4L2, and so can be used by ZoneMinder. Some have older chipsets and can be hard to find fresh.

Note that PWC drivers are not included in the kernel. Some distribution’s add them in and other may not. Here are some relevant links:

X10 Devices

The only device that truly needs to be compatable with ZM is the Transceiver, all other x10 devices comunicate through that device.

Other X10 notes:

All other hardware as supported by Linux

To find out if your hardware is supported, check the HCL

Ass-plug Computers

Guruplug Server Plus -> How to install Zoneminder

Single Board Computers

Single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Beagleboard, and many others. Can function as ZM server (standalone or outer) and/or as a camera.

Related video:

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