Your Kids Can Movie Talk with Santa Claus

Your Kids Can Video Chat with Santa Claus

Your Kids Can Movie Talk with Santa Claus

With technology advancing, Santa Claus now has WiFi at the North Pole and can actually movie talk with your child through this handy-dandy app.

“Video Call Santa Claus – Christmas” is a free app that’s available in the Apple App Store. This app permits Santa Claus to call your phone and actually get to movie talk with your child or grandchild. Imagine the look on their face when Santa calls them?!

We tested out this app to see how well it works, and it’s legit. When you’re ready, you just hit “call Santa,” and then “connect now” at the next screen, and your phone starts to ring. Once you response, Santa emerges on the screen to talk to your child or grandchild and asks them if they’ve been good this year and things like that.

One truly cool feature of this app is the “Parents Only” section. You set a 4-digit passcode and you’re set to go. The “parents only” section keeps a recorded copy of the movie talk with Santa – which you can keep for a wonderful Christmas memory, or you can even share it on social media.

Now it is a free app, so there are a few downsides to it – BUT it doesn’t ruin the practice. Very first of all, there are fairly a few ads that pop up on the screen. They don’t pop up during the movie call, but they do before and after. The only other thing that is kind of a bummer about this app is that it’s only good to use once (Eyeing as Santa asks the same questions).

There are other Santa Claus movie call apps, but most of them cost money to download. So for a free app, this isn’t too bad and it gives your child or grandchild the excitement of getting to talk to and see Santa.

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