What is Chhath Puja And Puja Vidhi

What is Chhath Puja And Puja Vidhi

What is Chhath Puja And Puja Vidhi

Chhath puja is a very popular kind of puja observed more widely in the regions of Bihar, Jharkhand and Nepal. The meaning of the word Chhath is six and the name of this puja ensues from the word Sashthi meaning the sixth day of the bright half of the lunar month during the Karthik (October-November) month. The festival comes instantaneously after the Diwali celebrations.

The main highlight of this puja is the adore of Lord Surya (Sun God) in the riverside. Sun god is the source of all light on this earth. He nourishes all the beings and blesses the world with all the food, wealth and essentials for all beings to live. Therefore, Surya Puja is done with excellent importance in Hinduism. Chhath puja is one of the versions of Surya Puja, while other versions are popular in other parts of the country done during different times in a year.

Pics or pictures of Ganesh and Surya, roli (vermilion), turmeric powder, akshat (raw rice wiped with turmeric powder), a chawki, crimson colour cloth, earthen lamp, ghee and wicks, incense rams, camphor, date fruits (khajur), a little chunk of sandal (chandan), betel leaves and nuts, fruits, dishes and other items you would like to suggest.

Commence this puja much before the sunrise so that you can finish the puja and wait for the sunrise aster that. Place a Chawki in the place of puja. Spread a crimson cloth on it. Place the pictures or pictures of Lord Ganesh and Lord Surya on them. Take some turmeric powder, roli (vermilion) and akshat and place them in the foreheads of the idols of Ganesh and Surya. This process is a sort of invoking them and inviting them for the puja. Say Sri Ganeshaya Namah, Sri Suryaya Namah. Decorate the photos with flowers.

Preferably, earthen lamps are very recommended for this puja. Pour some ghee and place the wicks. Light the lamp. Suggest some flowers in front of the lamp. Light the incense slams and wave them in front of the idols chanting Sri Ganeshaya Namah and Sri Suryaya Namah. Chant the Mantras of Ganesh and Surya and suggest flowers to the photos. Usually, the mantras a chanted for one hundred eight times for Ganesh and Surya one after another.

Place all the offerings in front of the photos and do Nivedan. Light the camphor and do arati. Go around the pictures along with the family members and do namaskar. The lamp must stay lit for fairly some time. You need to take the sandal chunk in your mouth and go to the riverside. Stay there until the sun rises. You may either keep standing or seated as per your convenience. While you have the very first darshan of Surya on the day, the sandal lump shall be inwards your mouth. Do Surya Namaskar. Suggest some holy waters to Sun god.

Come home and repeat the puja once again now after having the darshan of the Sun god. The most significant suggesting during this puja is date fruits (Khajur). After the final arati, distribute the date fruits to all those gathered.

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